Parking in the Dips?

Quite a few people have been in touch with me after reading about the suggestion by the Labour-run Council, that the ‘sunken’ Dips or the strip of land next to the railway embankment on New Brighton promenade may be used for overflow car parking.  Quite rightly, they’re up in arms that these recreational areas used by Wirral residents and day trippers for decades could be turned into a concrete car park.  These areas are an extension of our parks and green belt spaces, to even consider concreting this area is appalling.

When Neptune first approached the Council for the New Brighton Development, they were told to undertake a Traffic Impact Study, when it was concluded we said it was flawed and had underestimated the traffic it would attract.  Our concerns were ignored.

New Brighton has always been a bottle neck and no one yet has come up with an ideal solution.  Using the Dips is not the answer.

2 thoughts on “Parking in the Dips?

  1. I agree that the Dips are a recreational asset that can not be given over to car-parking. However one area that could be considered is the grassed area between the end of Sandcliffe and Sea Road; as that area is often used for parking and vehicles for events held on the promenade and tends to be used less than the dips and Red-Noses area.
    The shuttle bus is a good idea too.

  2. Living within a stones throw of the suggested areas can I point out that firstly the grassed “dips” are not only nice areas for recreation but are first and foremost a flood protection defence and have in the passed been full of sea water. Not a good idea to be concreted.
    The other area of grass between Sea Road and Sandcliffe Road if grassed would be a magnet for the already frequent visiting traveller community who arrive yearly, supplying a concrete area would suggest they could be a permanent attraction. This area is overlooked by residential property and I doubt if looking at a car park and possible race area is wanted or needed.
    Perhaps the people wishing to move this idea forward at vast cost could use the same money to repair to roads in the same area which are, along with the pavements a total disgrace.

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