A free shuttle service…

…..now this is a better solution to easing the congestion and build up of traffic rather than concreting any Dips along the prom for cars to park.

free shuttle bus service is to be introduced and will be available throughout the summer.  The buses, operated by Stagecoach, which are wholly funded by the Department of Transport, will run from Harrison Drive Coastal Station to the Floral Pavilion Theatre with drop-off points at key attractions like Bubbles World of Play, Morrisons and Fort Perch Rock, along the way.

The service will run from noon to 5pm every Saturday and Sunday (and bank holiday) until early September and day trippers will also be able to flag the buses down at any point along the route.

It wont, however, ease the bottleneck at the junction of Bayswater Road and Harrison Drive, but hopefully by September the new roundabout will be installed which will further help reduce the problem of congestion.

One thought on “A free shuttle service…

  1. Concreting the dips by the railway line will have a drastic affect on the aspect of all the flat owners of the Coastal Drive complex. Have we no rights at all? Do we have to have car fumes, slamming doors, prying eyes; not to mention the ugly sight of hundreds of cars from our windows.
    And where are all the prople going to go, with their picnics, tents, dogs, children, ball games etc – In the sea?
    The 2 sets of traffic lights are adding to the chaos.
    For the few weeks of the summer it is criminal for the council to permanently scar New Brighton in this way; just when it is beginning to revitalise.
    Please don’t let them do this.

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