Roundabout Update

Normally I receive complaints from residents about potholes being left by the council to deteriorate causing major problems for drivers, but over the last few days I’ve had complaints to the opposite!

Recently, pot holes at the junction of Harrison Drive/Bayswater Road were being filled in by the council, they were bad but with the area being dug up next month to build a roundabout, it seemed to many (including me) to be a waste of money.  So I contacted the highways officer and he advises that they were ‘so far gone’ that the work had to be carried out.  I know the officer concerned wont spend a penny that isn’t necessary, so I’m confident that the work could not wait.

You may also have noticed that there are white flags pegged out on the grassed area near to this junction.  These mark where the new line of the pavement will be when the roundabout is built.  Sadly, this meant that the grassed area, including the plants would have to be taken out.  However, I’ve asked for the plants to be moved further back and made good as well, we wont be losing the plant area – it will be exactly the same but closer to the railings.

2 thoughts on “Roundabout Update

  1. If the Council are looking for pot holes to fill can I suggest the junction of Wallasey Village and Grove Road? The condition of the road turning right into Grove Road from the Village is deteriorating badly

  2. Hello Roger, I’ve reported the condition of the junction of Wallasey Village/Grove Road to the highways department myself, I’ll report back as soon as I have further information. Leah

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