Never underestimate the determination of a ‘weak’ man…

In the by-election which took place on Thursday, Ian Lewis, regained the Leasowe and Moreton East seat he had lost to Labour in May last year, with a majority of 265.

Ian had been selected by more than 900 local residents to be their candidate.  He had never ‘abandoned’ the area but had carried on working for local people and community projects, so when the by-election was called, Ian and his ‘team’ worked relentlessly to win the seat.

Sadly, during the campaign the local Labour Party resorted to personal attacks:

‘He’s a weak man, with nothing to say’ and ‘He’s denied his own Party’.

Quite ridiculous comments, and by making personal attacks they’re proving they can’t win the political argument.  I think Ian’s monthly leaflets (and all the others!) to residents is testimony that he has quite a lot to say (particularly about all the community projects he’s involved with).  He can’t deny his own Party (nor would he want to) when it clearly states on the ballot paper that he’s a Conservative and has the Party logo stamped on!

However, I know Ian will be more interested in the future, and today he is out meeting residents and helping them with issues they raised during the campaign.

Congratulations (again) Ian, and also to Kathy Hodson who won Heswall.  You can read the full results here.


Councillor Ian Lewis, Jacqueline Foster MEP and Councillor Kathy Hodson

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