Retail Store (Tesco) REFUSED

I’m pleased to report that Wirral’s Planning Department have REFUSED the application for a retail store in Wallasey Village on the former Classic Car Sales Site (next to the Farmer’s Arms).  This is the third application (and two appeals) which have been rejected.  Many people have said that ‘Tesco get what they want’, and that residents, along with myself, were wasting our time and we couldn’t win, so I’m delighted for those residents and traders who fought against having a Tesco on their doorstep.  They were listened to and their concerns addressed.

It was obvious to everyone even Wirral’s Planning Department that a Tesco in this location would have a huge negative effect on living conditions of neighbouring residents and the parking provision was almost non-existent.

The application was refused for the following reasons:

“Having regard to the scale and siting of the proposed development and the close proximity of the proposed new building to adjacent residential properties, (in particular Nos 42, 44, 46 and 48 Marshlands Road and No 189 Wallasey Village) the development proposed would result in an unneighbourly and unacceptable form of development in that it would lead to an overbearing impact to adjoining dwellings together with noise and general disturbance associated with the activities related to the proposed use of the land which would be detrimental to the amenities which the occupiers of these properties could reasonably expect to enjoy. The proposal if allowed would be contrary to Policy SH6 of the adopted Wirral Unitary Development Plan”.

It’s great news for the 800+ people who objected.

Please Vote….

….for Wallasey Village in Bloom at the Galaxy Hot Chocolate Fund.

Every week Galaxy donate five cash awards of £300 each to local community groups and charities across the UK and Ireland – and at the end of each week they will award the “People’s Choice entry” – so the more votes the more likely you are to win!

Wallasey Village in Bloom will use the money to buy planters and more flowers for the village.  Your vote counts! please follow the link to vote for them 

FINALLY! work starts on the new junction

Finally, after nearly three years; two public meetings and countless ‘robust’ emails and telephone conversations with the Council, work will finally go ahead to change the layout of the junction of Broadway and Claremount Road.

I’ve been told work will start the first week of March.

At the moment you will see a lot of blue paint on the road where highways officers have been to mark the position of the build-outs, refuge island and crossing points.

The junction, which is the widest in Wirral, will be narrowed and pavements built-out with a pedestrian refuge to improve visibility for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles emerging from Broadway. There will also be a further pedestrian refuge on Claremount Road (to the north) making is safer, particularly for children, to cross as they walk to and from St George’s Primary School, and will also hopefully assist in calming speeding traffic along Claremount Road.

Pre-summer show in Wallasey Village

Anne, Michelle and Suzi 'planting up' in Wallasey Village

Anne, Michelle and Suzi ‘planting up’ in Wallasey Village

It might be cold and dull outside but not in Wallasey Village after Anne, Michelle and Suzi were out at the end of last week planting and carrying out maintenance on the planters – they call it the ‘pre-summer show’.

They started ‘Wallasey Village in Bloom’ last year, after noticing Hoylake had fantastic flowers on display and decided why not Wallasey Village? they are responsible for all the planters and barrels you see in the village today.  It’s an entirely voluntary group and their do their own fundraising (it’s not the Council) and they’re hoping to increase the number of planters so if you’d like to help, donate of you just want to keep up to date with the work they do, you can follow them on Facebook HERE

They’ll soon be outlining their planting and maintenance schedule and if have some spare time I’ll be out with them, it would be great if you could help them out as well.  Contact them via Facebook or email me on

Wallasey Newsletter

I was out with my the team in Wallasey Village yesterday speaking to residents and delivering our latest Newsletter.  If you have any issues, please get in touch by using the ‘Contact Leah’ tab at the top.

If you haven’t yet received your copy of our latest Newsletter – you will be soon!

Barriers installed along Kings Parade

Residents have contacted me asking why the council have installed barrier gates on the approach to Kings Parade in New Brighton.

The barriers are part of measures to improve the safety and management of traffic during tidal flood events at Kings Parade, and will be operated for this purpose only when conditions along Kings Parade become hazardous for road users .  The decision of when to close these barriers will be taken based on the risk to safety of the public and after consultation with emergency services.

A Flood Investigation report into tidal flooding in December 2013 recommended that Wirral Council should introduce ‘permanent solutions to allow for improved response with regard to road closures’.