Paying less tax….

From today, you will keep more of the money you earn because the Government has increased the tax-free personal allowance to £10,000, cutting income tax for over 25 million people and taking 3.2 million out of income tax altogether.

In Wallasey, this means 388 of the lowest paid people have been taken out of Income Tax and a further 33,580 people will see their income tax bill reduced.

Find out how much you will save this year by clicking here.

And from today, employers and charities in Wallasey can claim £2,000 cash back from the new Employment Allowance

DONG Energy

DONG Energy launched a formal Stakeholder Consultation to change the current airspace and the introduction of a TMZ (Transport Mandatory Zone) over the Burbo Bank Offshore Wind Farms on 31 March 2014. The consultation will run until 29 June 2014.

If you would like to give your opinion, either in support or in opposition, you can do this by viewing the consultation clicking here and providing your comments.  You can also write to DONG Energy at: Osprey CSL (Burbo Bank Extension consultation), The Forge, Bentley, Hampshire, GU10 5HY or by email: making the subject of your email “Burbo Bank Extension Consultation”.

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First World War Centenary

Fields of poppiesTo celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the First World War, Wirral Council will be planting poppies outside the Town Hall and on all roundabouts across Wirral this year.

In spite of cutting back on funding for roundabouts during the last twelve months, It’s good that the council have decided to reverse that this year to mark the centenary in an appropriate and respectful way.

A ‘pot’ for a pothole

Sadly, Wirral Council insists that a pothole in every road meets a criteria before they will fix it.  This isn’t the way to maintain our roads, they need on-going investment on a rolling programme.

Last month in the Budget, the Government made £200 million available specifically for potholes and I’ve been told that Wirral will receive £360,000 from this pot (this is on top of the £600,000 they gave to the Council specifically for potholes last year).

The Council are drawing up a programme of work to spend this money, if you think potholes in your road are in need of repair contact me using the details on this website or email me at

Not good enough…but it will be soon

I’ve had many complaints about uneven pavements, but recently there was an accident outside the chemist in Wallasey Village (opposite Sheridan’s Pub) when a resident tripped, hurt himself and was badly shaken up.  The uneven pavements were reported to the council, and to be fair someone has been out, inspected them (we know this from the white paint marks) and a few are to be ‘made good’.  But it isn’t good enough, there are still some paving stones which very nearly meet the criteria which wont be fixed until they get worse – and with a huge number of people calling into the chemist for prescriptions, many who are old and infirm, it’s highly likely there will be more accidents.

I’ve contacted the Council and I’m pleased to say that not only has the work been made a priority, further work will be carried out to make it more safe.

Wallasey Village in Bloom

Wallasey Village in Bloom

Founder of ‘Wallasey Village in Bloom’, Anne Williams, with volunteers Madison and Mark.

I’ve always said if an area is well maintained and looked after, people will want to shop and visit and this is the thinking behind a new group, ‘Wallasey Village in Bloom’. They are local residents and volunteers who want to improve their environment and encourage visitors to Wallasey Village.

Local resident and Founder of ‘Wallasey Village in Bloom’, Anne Williams said: “We’ve been active in the community for some years now, holding a ‘Big Lunch’ street party every June.  We are all local people and a self-funding group.”

I’ve been involved with them for a while and it’s all starting to come together.  If anyone would like to help or donate either their time or plants – they’d be delighted to hear from you.

Working with the approval of Wirral Council and the support of local businesses, they are planting small grassed areas in Wallasey Village and are raising funds to buy barrier and floor planters, to make it look fabulous. They saw how successful this approach has been in Hoylake and decided Wallasey Village deserved the same care and attention.

Work has already started outside St Nicholas’ Church, opposite Wallasey Golf Club and work will start on the land opposite the new roundabout on Bayswater Road later this month.  They are also hoping to provide barrier planters around the new traffic light system in Grove Road and large planters on the pavement for this summer, so you’ll be seeing plants all over Wallasey Village this year.

They can be contacted on :