Christmas Night in Wallasey Village

The Wallasey Village Christmas Night event has been organised by local businesses with the support of volunteers and sponsors.  It takes place tomorrow, Thursday 27 November from 3.30pm to 8.30pm to late.

The Mayor will open the event at 4pm followed by Liscard Primary choir at the Lighthouse pub with ex boxer John Conteh switching on the Christmas tree lights at 6pm at Sheridans pub.  Not only are there 40 stalls lining the route selling and advertising everything from cakes, pies, face painting, jewellery, Rotaract, Tidy Space, shoes and Wallasey Village in Bloom to name but a few! but children can meet Father Christmas and get their photo taken, meet/ride the donkeys and there’s even a Petting Zoo!

I’ll be there for a couple of hours (helping out at the Wallasey Village in Bloom stall) so do stop and say hello – I’ll be the one NOT dressed as an elf!!

Winter Maintenance Programme

It’s good to know that the Council’s Highways Winter Service Plan sets out details of how the authority will keep the borough moving in the event of a severe winter with possibly prolonged spells of icy weather or snow and, as the temperature dropped a few degrees today, I thought you would like to know what those plans are.

From earlier this month until Monday 6 April 2015, staff from the council and its Highways Contractor, BAM Nuttall, are on standby 24 hours a day, ready to respond when the regular weather forecasts they get through from MeteoGroup UK suggest gritting will be needed.

There are 10 full size gritters and two mini-gritters available for use for winter operations and snow ploughs will be available for use with each of the full-size gritters.

The 10 main gritting routes are continually assessed to ensure that major bus routes, certain school routes and strategic vehicle routes across Wirral are treated.  Supplementing the work of the gritters, there are 286 grit bins installed and stocked up across the borough.


Overgrown borders

At Grove Road Station there are a section of trees, plants etc which act as a border between the station and Groveland Road.  The shrubbery is overgrown and in some places covers the pavement making it difficult for people to walk passed.  Due to the state of the area it has also been used as an open ‘bin’, with bottles and general rubbish strewn about.  In this instance the Council isn’t responsible as the land is owned by Merseytravel.

I’ve emailed Merseytravel and asked them to cut back the borders and clear out the rubbish.

Another new proposal for a retail store in Wallasey Village

Wirral’s planning department have received yet another application for the construction of a new convenience retail (Tesco?) store on the vacant land where Classic Cars of Wirral Limited (next to the Farmer’s Arms) use to be situated in Wallasey Village.

The first application was refused on the basis that it was an ‘alien feature’!  the second was refused by Wirral’s Planning Committee, went to appeal and the Planning Inspectorate in London were very critical in their refusal.

Every time an application has been made, local residents have been quite clear: they don’t want a retail (Tesco?) store in Wallasey Village and they’ve backed it up with a petition of over 1,200 signatures with many hundreds more writing, emailing and telephoning the council to make their thoughts known; that they are against this going ahead.

Each time a new (or revised) application is submitted for development of this site the comments, letters and petitions from previous applications are not valid, so have to be completed again.

Someone’s not listening and as the saying goes ‘every little helps’.  You can make your comments by writing or emailing:

Writing: to Sarah Lacey at Wallasey Town Hall, North Annexe, Brighton Street, Wallasey, CH44 8ED

Email to:

Please quote planning application APP/14/01387 on all correspondence – you have until 16 December 2014 to submit any comments or petitions.

To read the application in full click HERE

Wallasey Jobless figures down again

There are 1,400 fewer people claiming Jobseekers Allowance in Wallasey than at the last election.  The new figures released earlier this month, have been welcomed by local Conservatives as proof that the Economic Plan is working.

In May 2010, the last month of the 13 years of Labour Government, there were 2,819 people in Wallasey on JSA.  It had been even higher – in August 2009, the jobless figures had hit a record 3,418.

Now, after four years of cutting taxes on employment, reforming welfare and more support for people to start a business, the numbers have fallen to 1,419.

This fall is good for our local economy and excellent news for the people who are now in work.  It’s also important that we make work pay – so that taxes on the lowest paid are reduced or even scrapped, we increase the National Minimum Wage and that we tackle the abuses of things like exclusive ‘zero hours’ contracts.”

New figures by the Office for National Statistics also show that, across the country:

  • More people in work than ever before, including a record number of women in work – since 2010, there are 1.7 million more people in work with the security of a pay packet
  • Youth unemployment down by 253,000 over the last year – the largest annual fall since records began
  • The biggest fall in unemployment over the last year in the G7 – Britain is outperforming all other major advanced economies
  • 542,000 fewer people claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance – more people getting off benefits and into work
  • 1.3 million of the jobs created have been full-time – that’s three-quarters of all new jobs
  • Our long-term economic plan is working – as these figures show – but there’s still a lot to do and there are risks in the global economy that could threaten Britain.

Mockbeggar Drive

I am pleased to say that the council have agreed to my request for ‘keep clear’ signs to be painted on Harrison Drive at the junction to Mockbeggar Drive.  Residents had contacted me about the difficulty, specifically at the weekends, getting in and out of their road since the new roundabout was installed – the traffic backs up and restricts access. Similar signs were painted on the road outside Windsors Garage and Bidston Avenue when the new traffic lights were installed at Grove Road Station to help the flow of traffic and allow access.  The work should be carried out within the next three weeks.