Local Wallasey Hairdressers Artistica, help AgeUK

???????????????????????????????Local hairdressers, Artistica (based in Seaview Road) decided to give something back to the community today.  They got in touch with AgeUK and organised an event.  In true community spirit they opened their doors for all those who cant, or don’t usually get out, for whatever reason.  Eighteen ladies and one gentleman were treated to lunch, a flower presentation and a free hair wash or manicure – at no cost.  The offer was also open to carers, most of whom look after those with dementia. 

It was wonderful to see so many delighted to get out, have a natter and leave looking more glamorous!  That was the only criteria Artistica wanted – to put a smile on their faces, which they certainly achieved.  Everyone went home with a ‘goody’ bag and for those lucky few a flower arrangement.

Congratulations to Stella, Lindsey, Mandy, Tanya and Jill from Artistica – for giving up their time and making so many people happy!


Leah Fraser with Dot and Lynn Hamilton from AgeUK



Viking longship comes to West Float, Wallasey

Cllrs Leah Fraser and Paul Hayes

Cllrs Leah Fraser and Paul Hayes after a trip on the replica Viking longship, Draken Harald Harfagre

The largest ever replica Viking longship, Draken Harald Harfagre, has been docked at the West Float in Wallasey for the last two weeks.  It’s the first voyage the longship has made from her home in Norway, and yesterday I was delighted to be invited to meet the Captain Bjorn Ahlander and his crew at the Liverpool Victoria Rowing Club.  It was good that the rain stopped and the sun came out as we watched the longship approach and dock next to the club, after a few speeches we were invited to jump aboard and sail (I say ‘sail’ more like sitting down and enjoying the view!).  I know many of the members of the rowing club have been heavily involved in bringing the Draken Harald Harfagre to Wirral so many congratulations to everyone for all their hard work and I hope they enjoyed their ‘scouse’ evening last night!  Good luck and a safe passage on your voyage back to Norway.

Largest ever replica Viking longship, Draken Harald Harfagre

Largest ever replica Viking longship, Draken Harald Harfagre


Poppies survive the trenches but not a Wirral Council roundabout

Earlier this year I wrote on this blog that Wirral Council were celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the First World War by planting poppies outside the Town Hall and on all roundabouts across the Borough.  I also commented that it was an appropriate and respectful way to mark the centenary.

Since then I’ve noticed poppies appearing in roundabouts across Wirral but in Wallasey Village the roundabout is poppy free.  So this morning I phoned the Council to find out why.

It was very much a monosyllable conversation on the side of the senior officer and one of the strangest conversations I’ve had for a long time.

The answer I was told is that they had all died – every single one of them.

So, the poppy which survived the trenches and WW1, was the only plant to grow, transforming the landscape in Northern France and Flanders into fields of blood-red poppies, growing around the bodies of the fallen soldiers and becoming synonymous with great loss of life in is unable to survive a Wirral Council roundabout?

I queried this further and was told that there must be something wrong with the soil.  Strange, until a couple of months ago flowers have been successfully planted on the roundabout and have been for as long as I can remember.

Doesn’t sound right to me, why didn’t they just say they forgot?

I’ve told them I want poppies planting there.  Prompt.

Vyner Road

The Council’s contractors BAM Nuttall recently put down tarmac across vehicle crossings (or ramps) in Vyner Road. A few had unstable paving stones and the decision was made to tarmac all crossings irrespective of whether or not it was needed. Those living in Vyner Road hadn’t complained – but they’re complaining now.

Not only is the road looking run down, the sub-standard and quite frankly sloppy workmanship of tarmac laying has made it look worse. While people in the road are aware of cutbacks they rightly said that what little is done, should be done properly. Quite.

I met with residents and a Streetscene officer and we ‘walked’ the road. The council is paying ‘top dollar’ to BAM Nuttall and they should be made aware of the high standard that is expected. (Well I expect it).

From that meeting the following will happen in the next two to four weeks:

  • All edge deterioration on the ramps will be made good
  • Edging will be re marked and all weeds removed
  • Any defects in the road next to the edging will be sealed
  • Other small defects will be made good
  • A lamp column which stood at about one metre high with a plastic bag covering the top will be removed and the new one next to it will be switched on
  • A tree leaning at right angles with the roots exposed will be removed and the pavement made good or reinstated
This tree will be removed and the pavement made good

This tree will be removed and the pavement made good


Armed Forces Day Memorial Service

??????????????????????Yesterday, to coincide with Armed Forces Day, St Nicholas Church held a Memorial Service to Commemorate the Great War. The Church, as usual, was packed and the service included a parade of Flags from uniformed groups including St Nicholas Rainbows, the St Nicholas Brownies, The Sea Cadets, The Royal British Legion, The Royal Navy Reserve and The Mercia Regiment.

The Church also held a Flower Festival over the weekend to mark the centenary – many displays were based on poems written during that era and I was asked to read ‘The Soldier’ by Rupert Brooke at the start of the celebrations at their concert on the Friday evening.

Congratulations to the Rev Jeff Staples who, at the service on Sunday, was officially named as the new Chaplain for the local sea cadets, TS Astute.

If you want something done…

Cllr Leah Fraser and Cllr Paul Hayes doing the job of Streetscene

Cllr Leah Fraser and Cllr Paul Hayes doing the job of Streetscene

Residents reported rubbish along the path (or alleyway) between Groveland Road and Grove Road station to Streetscene earlier this year. Nothing happened and the amount of rubbish built up. When it was reported again, Streetscene said they could not carry out the work until the end of July.

As the saying goes; if you want something done, do it yourself. So over the (wet) weekend, Councillor Paul Hayes and I went out and picked up the rubbish, which took less than half an hour, Paul later took it to the tip.

Job done.

We’ll be asking MerseyTravel to position a bin on the platform in the hope that it will be used and people will not toss rubbish where they think it won’t be seen.