Good to see four marker posts have been installed at the Bayswater Road/Harrison Drive roundabout which will improve driver’s visibility on the approach from the prom and, hopefully, stop any more cars from hitting the kerb.

Considering the Council employed, at great expense, consultants to design the roundabout, it’s a disgraceful waste of our money that it has such a noticeable design defect, which was obvious to everyone as soon as it was built, but not to the experts.

Harrison Park Football Pitch

I went to see for myself when residents told me about the bad condition of the barriers around the football pitch at Harrison Park, not only were half the barriers missing but the remainder were in a very hazardous condition.

I contacted the council and although they removed large sections away from the barrier fencing twelve months ago, the remaining sections have deteriorated so badly that they’ve had to remove the rest as well. As there are no regulations in the Wallasey Football League to have fencing around the pitches they will not be replaced.

The barriers were originally erected by New Brighton Football Club in 1997 to comply with regulations set out by the Cheshire FA. The Club disbanded eighteen months ago and local Wallasey teams have taken over the hire of the pitch.

Broadway Avenue – tree update

The Council have started their winter programme; cutting back and/or pollarding trees. This week their contractor has been working in Broadway Avenue.

Two of the trees had nests with chicks still in them, so work on those two trees will be deferred until after nesting has finishing (it is an offence under the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981 to disturb birds while they are nesting).

The crew will return in 3-4 weeks to carry out the remainder of the tree work, one will be pollarded and the other cut back.

567 potholes in Wallasey ward

The Government have given Wirral Council an extra £462,000 to tackle some of the worst potholes in the borough, and I’m pleased to say that since then the Highways Department have been busy counting pot holes! and have drawn up a list identifying 567 in Wallasey, 753 in Seacombe, 511 in Liscard, 266 in Moreton, 189 in Leasowe and New Brighton 154.

They’ve started work in Seacombe, next will be Wallasey ward and, at the same time it’s hoped that a new pot hole ‘team’ will be put together so that the work gets done before winter well and truly sets in.

The top 40 roads in Wallasey are (including the number of potholes):

Kings Parade: 20

Claremount Road: 20

Vyner Road: 10

Belvidere Road: 10

Mosslands Drive: 10

Malpas Road: 8

Gerard Road: 8

Grove Road: 8

Whitby Avenue: 7

St Georges Road: 6

Broadway Avenue: 6

Stanley Avenue: 6

Groveland Avenue: 6

Village Way: 6

Coastal Drive: 5

Tavistock Road: 5

Taunton Road: 5

Studley Road: 5

Paignton Road: 5

Gloucester Road: 5

Farndon Avenue: 5

Broadway: 5

Princesway: 5

Knowsley Road: 5

Kingsway: 5

Meddowcroft Road: 5

Sea Road: 5

Sandcliffe Road: 5

Warren Drive: 5

Rockland Road: 5

Hose Side Road: 5

Elleray Park Road: 5

Kinross Road: 5

Regent Road: 5

Marshlands Road: 5

Southbourne Road: 5

Somerset Road: 5

Gainsborough Road: 5

Wallacre Road: 5

Stonehouse Road: 5




The Planning Committee met last week to decide whether or not to give permission for the conversion of the upper floors of Blockbuster Video Hire in Wallasey Village into four flats.  In spite of letters of objections from residents living in Beechwood Avenue, a petition, my objections and a site visit, the committee ignored our concerns and voted for APPROVAL. The planning permission is in place for three years and work must be completed within this timeframe.

They ignored our concerns regarding parking which is at a premium in Wallasey Village – with residents living nearby already struggling to compete for parking spaces with shoppers and staff/parents from St Mary’s College.  They also ignored Policy (SPD 2) which requires a maximum of one parking space per flat explaining that a couple more spaces wouldn’t make much difference.

Their decision is final and there is no right of appeal.